Cheese is a living thing, and as soon as a wheel is cut into, its vitality begins to decline. Cutting fresh to order ensures freshness, preserves flavor, and minimizes waste. 

We offer cheese in bulk format so that you can peruse our selection and taste before you choose, purchasing only what you need. This also means that the open face of our cheese never lies under plastic wrap for a significant period of time. 

Cheese needs air to breath and live and after too much time in plastic wrap it has a bad habit of picking up that nasty plasticky flavor. 

Equally important as ensuring freshness, cutting to order also allows us to provide you with just the right amount of cheese that you need. While most customers purchase between three to five ounces, it is not uncommon for guests to purchase one pound or even one ounce of a particular product. 

Ask the cheesemongers for advice and they can guide you to perfect amount to fit your needs (because no leftover cheese should go to die in your refrigerator!).