• Cancellation and Refund Policy
    1. Antonelli’s Cheese will offer refunds for cancellations, in-line with the below stipulations:
      1. A full refund will be provided if the event is canceled on or more than 15 days prior to the date of the event.
      2. A refund of everything less the deposit if canceled within 15 days prior to the event and 48 hours prior to the event.
      3. A client may elect to reschedule their event, up to (1) time if done 48 hours prior to the event or greater. This will maintain the deposit.
      4. Events involving shipping or delivery may not be rescheduled once products have been shipped.
    2. No refunds will be issued for events canceled within 48 hours of the event
    3. Please contact the Director of Events, Bailey McCarthy, to arrange any refund or event credit (loaded onto gift card). Payment toward an event cannot be immediately transferred to a new event.
      1. Refunds may take up to 10 business days to process