Please reach out to us to discuss your package.  We want to make sure your experience with our company is a positive one. 

Cheese is a living, breathing product that can handle the rigors of two day shipping.  It is common for cheese to smell intensely.  It is also expected that ice packs melt.  We may not re-ship or refund the order if the contents of the package are discarded before talking with us.  Our recommendation is to place all items in the refrigerator immediately to allow the cheeses to regain their texture.  

Common Shipping Questions

Is Odor Normal?

  • Yes! Stinky cheese is good! Depending on the style of cheese (especially bloomy-rinded, washed rinds, and blue cheeses), your shipment may have a strong odor. That's okay! This odor is not indicative of quality, nor spoilage.

Should ice packs be frozen?

  • We pack our shipments to last 48 hours. When they leave our warehouse, ice packs are frozen and perishables are fridge temp. They will both gradually warm throughout the shipping process. By the time they reach you, ice packs may be completely thawed. As long as the contents inside the insulation are not hot, you can safely refrigerate your perishables to be enjoyed later. Fun Fact: Many cheeses spend the majority of their maturation process in aging temps upwards of 70*. And in cooler countries, many cheeses are rarely refrigerated at all.